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What is the life expectancy of the polyurethane?

Typically 5-7 years before a refinish in a residential setting. Factors such as traffic and overall care affect the life of the finish.

Can I apply a polyurethane over a WOCA Oil?

Master Color Oil can be topcoated with WOCA Optima or WOCA XP 2K.

1. WOCA Master Color Oil must be fully cured.
2. Damp mop floor with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner. Dilute 3 ounces to 1 gallon of water. Let dry at least 1-2 hours.
3. Abrade surface with maroon pad or screen. Vacuum floor.
4. Proceed to rolling out WOCA Optima or WOCA XP 2K.

Diamond Oil Active cannot be top coated with a polyurethane.

Is the oil finish more durable than a polyurethane finish?

No.  They are durable in different ways. 

Polyurethane is a coating that sits on the top of the wood.  It is a barrier that repels water and stains.

A floor finished with polyurethane looks it’s best when it is newly finished.  Regular wear and tear break down the film and scratches the coating which usually cannot be repaired. Typically the scratches and damage are there until the entire floor is sanded and refinished several years later.

WOCA Penetrating Oil soaks into the wood pores until it reaches an absorption threshold. The oil finish lives and hardens inside the wood, which protects it from the inside out. Minor scratches and damage from everyday life can be repaired by rubbing in a little more oil to keep your floor looking new at all times.  Oil finishes have increased stain and water resistance when cleaned with the recommended cleaning products.  Without proper care the floors are more susceptible to stains and water damage. WOCA Oiled floors don’t need to be sanded when it's time for refinishing.  It's a dustless refinish- damp mop floor with prep cleaner and apply a maintenance coat of oil.

Is water based finish the same as a polyurethane?

Yes, water based finish and water based polyurethane are synonymous. But, there is also oil based polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a resin system used for coatings, and can be formulated with water or petroleum solvents (oil based).

The quality of different polyurethanes vary. Oil based polyurethane contains high VOC resins, strong fumes, and are prone to yellowing over time, but are less expensive. Water based polyurethane are typically higher quality, do not yellow and are lower in VOCs.


What grit of sand paper do I use between coats of polyurethane?

180 grit

What roller cover do you recommend using to roll the polyurethane?

3/8” nap lint free Microfiber roller. 

Do I have to use a sealer?

Some water based finishes are made to be self-sealing and can be applied directly on the wood and some may offer a sealer as an option to make it easier to sand between coats and decrease dry times.

WOCA RP2K – No sealer

WOCA Optima – a sealer is optional, use WOCA Natural or Arctic Sealer

WOCA Advanced 2K – not optional, use WOCA Natural Sealer or Arctic Sealer

How many coats of finish do you recommend over a stain?

We recommend 3 coats total of water based finish applied with a 3/8th” nap roller. 

Application amounts are critical.  You should not be able to coat more than 500 sf per coat with 1 gallon of product and achieve maximum durability.

Can I T-bar the polyurethane?

WOCA Optima, WOCA XP 2K and Natural Sealer may be applied with a T-bar. T-bar application typically applies less material per pass and requires more passes than if the material is rolled on with the recommended roller cover. 

Application amounts are critical.  You should not be able to coat more than 500 sf per coat with 1 gallon of product to achieve maximum durability.

WOCA RP2K is NOT recommended to be applied by T-bar.

How quickly can I apply a polyurethane over the Master Color Oil?

7 days after the Master Color Oil has been properly applied you may start the process to coat the Master Color Oil with WOCA Optima or XP 2K.

How clear is your Advanced XP 2K? Does it apply with an amber tone?

WOCA’s Advanced XP 2K is formulated with a very clear resin system which doesn’t amber over time. 

To create an aged look, use WOCA Natural Sealer with Aged Amber additive before applying the WOCA Advanced XP 2K.

I like the natural wood look can I put your RP2K over one of your oil finish colors?

WOCA RP 2K is formulated to give a natural light appearance over light colored woods. WOCA RP 2K doesn’t look its best over darker colors.  

Darker colors should be coated with WOCA Optima or WOCA Advanced XP 2K

Do you have to use the hardener for each coat with the Advanced XP2K and the WOCA RP 2K?


Do you need to abrade between the sealer coat and the first finish coat?

Yes.  In order to have adhesion between coats of water based finish and a smooth surface the raised grain of the wood brought up by the sealer must be removed and a scratch pattern left in the surface of the sealer for adhesion of the topcoat.  Use 180-200 grit sandpaper.

Can I apply a polyurethane over lye?

Yes, but the lye must be denibbed with a green pad and neutralized with Intensive Wood Cleaner prior to applying polyurethane. Intensive Wood Cleaner must be used to neutralize the lye otherwise it will corrode a water based finish.


What do I use to clean a polyurethane floor?

WOCA Home Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray or WOCA Master Cleaner.

I have scratches and scuff marks, how do I repair?

Use WOCA Master Floor Care which is designed to fill in small scratches and scuff marks. If the scratches or scuffs aren’t repaired to your satisfaction, the entire area should be sanded and refinished.

What's the difference between Master Cleaner and Master Care?

Master Cleaner is for the daily cleaning of polyurethane finished floors.  Master Care is a maintenance product designed to fill in minor surface scratches and scuffs with a resin on polyurethane finished floors.

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