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How do I repair an oil finished floor?

It depends on what the specific issue is, but most often an oiled floor can be repaired. Results vary.

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Food Stains

Water Stains

Pet Stains

Traffic Patterns

Do I need to sand before re-oiling a floor?

No. When a floor receives a machine-applied maintenance coat of WOCA oil, most scratches, stains and discoloration will be repaired by the strength of the Intensive Wood Cleaner. the application of oil, the polishing pad, and the weight, heat, and motion of the machine. 

Does Oil Refreshing Soap re-oil a floor?

Not exactly. Oil Refreshing Soap is a cleaner that has a small amount of oil in it. It's more of a finish rejuvenator.

Re-oiling a floor means prepping with Intensive Wood Cleaner and polishing in a coat of one of the following products:

Diamond Oil Active, Master Color Oil, Maintenance Oil Diamond Active, Maintenance Gel, or Invisible Oil Care.

Do I have to re-oil the entire floor?

No. A WOCA Oiled floor doesn’t have to go through a whole home sand and refinish, you can re-oil only the parts of the floor that need it and it should blend nicely.  

We highly recommend using a floor machine when applying oil, but if you have an area of less than 400 square feet, you can polish the oil in by hand with a white 3M pad.  

Step 1 Clean the area to be re-oiled with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner and let dry completely.

Step 2 Polish in a single coat of the WOCA Oil of your choice with a floor machine and a white pad and then towel buff off the excess.  Depending on which WOCA Oil you use, please note the product cure time.  

Step 3 After the treated area is fully cured, damp mop with WOCA Natural Soap.

Can I sand set in stains?

It's better if you do not sand. Try WOCA Stain Remover or Tannin Spot Neutralizer before attempting to spot sand.

How do I remove black stains from an oiled floor?

Black stains are often tannin bleed caused by a reaction with metal and water. Apply WOCA Tannin Spot Neutralizer.  If it at least fades the stain on the first try, it’s working.  Repeat the application, but following up with a touch up application of WOCA oil is required to restore the protective finish. Results vary.

Do I have to use a buffer to re-oil a floor?

No. If you are re-oiling an area less than 400 sf, it can be done by hand. Over 400 sf, use a buffer.

Which oil should I use to re-oil my floor?

Our preference is Maintenance Oil Diamond Active in Natural or White because it cures within 3 days.

If your floor has lost a lot of its original color and is not Natural or White, use the original color that was used on your floor initially.

How do I repair a polyurethane floor?

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