How to remove pet stains

Accidents happen, even with our beloved pets. Whether it's a new puppy who's still learning the ropes, an older dog with health issues, or a cat who's decided to use the floor as a litter box, dealing with pet accidents can be stressful.

It's important to clean up accidents promptly and thoroughly to prevent odors and stains.

Success removing pet stains depends on many factors.

Try cleaning the affected area with Natural Soap first. Repeated cleaning with the Natural Soap may help to fade the stain with time.

WOCA Spot Remover could be successful, depending on the severity of the stain. Be sure to follow it with touch up oil to restore the oil color and finish.

If there is a mild black stain from pet urine, some customers have had success with treating it with Tannin Spot Neutralizer, but this product was not designed for urine stains.

There are no guarantees with completely removing pet stains. The last resort would be to replace the soiled floor boards.

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