Research and Development

Research and Development

Our R&D team consists of absolute wood nerds. They're passionate about trees, wood and sustainability. Each team member is a specialist in their own unique field, dedicated to creating the best and most sustainable solutions for wood care, maintenance, and protection.

Development without compromise

Wood floors, furniture, countertops, paneling, sheds, and decking all need protection to look beautiful and last as long as possible.

We have a strong commitment to developing products that excel in preparing, treating, cleaning, and maintaining wood surfaces.

We combine passion, knowledge and experience when developing our products, so our clients always achieve beautiful, long lasting, and sustainable results.

Sustainable solutions

Our products are created to protect. The basic idea is always the same, uncompromising quality and the ongoing search for more sustainable solutions.

How we do it

What is the impact of oil on wood? What level of abrasion resistance and shine can we achieve with water based urethanes? How can we ensure a durable surface? These questions represent just a fraction of the work carried out by our R&D department.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to consistently develop top-tier products and solutions.

We are meticulous

There is a sense of calm, dedication, and a deep concentration in our laboratory.

It is in our nature to protect and nourish wood, so it maintains its natural beauty, luster, and warmth – for as long as possible.

Our products undergo thorough testing both in-house and at globally recognized laboratories, adhering to international norms and standards.

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