How to repair traffic patterns

The heavily trafficked areas in your home like the kitchen, entrance, or hallway may be the first to show signs of wear and in need of maintenance.  The signs are the floor looking dry, thirsty, stain easily and difficult to clean.  

Luckily, a WOCA Oiled floor doesn’t have to go through a whole home sand and refinish, you can re-oil only the parts of the floor that need it and it should blend nicely.  

We highly recommend using a floor machine when applying oil, but if you have an area of less than 400 square feet, you can polish the oil in by hand with a white 3M pad.  

Step 1 Clean the area to be re-oiled with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner and let dry completely.

Step 2 Polish in a single coat of the WOCA Oil of your choice with a floor machine and a white pad and then towel buff off the excess.  Depending on which WOCA Oil you use, please note the product cure time.  

Step 3 After the treated area is fully cured, damp mop with WOCA Natural Soap.

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