Maintenance Oil Diamond Active instructions

It is important that the product, the room and the floor are at a temperature between 59-86°F and that air humidity is approx. 50 %. Wood humidity must not exceed 12 %. Make sure that the room is well-ventilated for optimal evaporatio and drying time.The surface must be free of grime, grease and wax. Wash the floor with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner and leave the floor to dry for a least 8 hours or until it is completely dry.

Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

  1. Shake the container well before use.
  2. Apply approx. 3.38 fl. oz of Maintenance Oil Diamond Active per 40 sq.ft./L floor using a pad, short-bristled paint roller (3-4 mm) or a polishing machine with a white or beige pad on slightly larger areas.
  3. Make sure that the oil is polished well into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood seems saturated and the surface has an even, uniform appearance.
  4. Remove excess oil with clean, lint-free cotton cloths, before proceeding to the next section. The surface should not appear wet and no excess oil should remain on the surface.
  5. Continue stepwise till the floor has been finished.
  6. Clean tools with WOCA Solvent or Turpentine.
  7. If the floor is polished with a buffing machine, it can be used with caution after 3-4 hours of drying time at 20°C. If polished manually, the floor can be used with caution after approximately 24 hours. Do not expose the floor to water or clean it for the first 3 days at 68°F, while the oil is hardening.
Do not expose the floor to water or clean it for the first 3 days, while the oil is hardening.
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