Exterior Oil

Exterior Oil

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  • Colors and protects in 1 product.
  • For all exterior wood surfaces
    Provides a strong water and dirt-repellent surface that is easy to renew without sanding.
  • For all wood species, including exotic, tropical hardwoods.
  • Fast drying and 2 day cure time.

Enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor wood with Exterior Wood Oil. The unique formulation of 14 designer colors is a hybrid of plant based oils and waterborne resins that are eco-friendly and protect wood from the elements. Fortified with UV absorbers to protect against sunlight. Exterior Oil penetrates into the wood and will not crack, chip or peel like other exterior wood finishes. Refinishing is made easy with no need to sand, just clean the previously oiled wood and apply a new application of WOCA Exterior Oil.

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    VOC: 50 g/l. (max)

    Density: 1.00-1.10 g/ml.

    Shelf life: 3 years

    Application Temperature: +59-86°F and approx. 50% air humidity.

    Coverage: 325-400 sq.ft./2.5L

    Colors: Grey, Black, Natural, Teak, Walnut, Anthracite, White, Merbau, Larch, Bangkirai, Silver, Stone Grey, Thunder Grey, Hazelnut

    Cleaning of tools: Use warm water

    Storage: +50-77°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.

    Packaging: 2.5 liter, 84.535 FL.OZ.

    Non-slip (DIN 51130): R10

    Viscosity: 25-30 Sec. DIN Cup 4

    Dilution: Water

    Moisture content: The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 17%.

    Odor: Faint

    Solid content: 20-30%

    Light use: 24 hours at 68°F

    Recommendation: For outdoor furniture, Exterior Wood Oil in the Black, Anthracite and Walnut are recommended to be finished with a final coat of Exterior Wood Oil Natural to prevent possible color transfer/bleed.

    Fully hard: 24-48 hours at 68°F

    Re-treatment: Repeat the oil treatment when required.

    Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

    1. Clean new wood surfaces as well as old surfaces with Exterior Wood Cleaner before starting the oil treatment.
    2. Then leave the wood to dry for at least 24 hours so that the humidity is not above 17%. Sand down any rough wood fibers with sandpaper,120-150 .
    3. Make the application in dry weather only, min. 55°F. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
    4. Stir the Oil carefully before and during use. Container with different batch numbers should be mixed before use to avoid differences in shade and gloss.
    5. Apply an even and thin coat of oil with a brush or WOCA Oil Applicator. Treat the end grain wood first. The wet oil may have a white shade. When the water has evaporated after a few minutes, the wood will appear oiled.
    6. Wipe off any excess oil with clean cotton cloth after no more than 5 minutes. Take particular care of removing excess oil from joints and grooves.
    7. If the surface does not appear saturated with oil, repeat steps 5 and 6.
    8. When the wood is dry, it may be polished with a polishing pad or polishing machine to ensure an extra hard-wearing surface.
    9. It takes 24-48 hours at 68°F for the oil to harden thoroughly, depending on weather conditions and outdoor temperature. The wood must not be exposed to water during this period.
    Please use WOCA Exterior Wood primer on wood that has not been pressure-impregnated incl. larch. When applied around swimming pools and in areas where chemical is used, it may be necessary to re-oil on a more frequent basis.
    Technical Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    Anti Slip R10 DIN 51130 is a standardized anti-slip test for flooring. WOCA Diamond Oil Active, Exterior Oil, RP 2K and XP 2K Water Based Finishes, and UV Oil 510 have been tested on solid wood, and achieved a R10 classification according to DIN 51130.

    The migration of metals (As, Hg, Se, Cr, Sb, Cd, Pb, Ba) of the sample was tested according EN 71 Part 3 1995. There was no evidence for migration of the named metals above the limit of detection (10-50 ppm). All interior WOCA products are suitable for toys.

    Exterior Oil

    Exterior Oil for all outdoor wood surfaces

    • Easy to apply and maintain
    • Will not crack, flake, or peel
    • Color and protect in 1 product
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