Barangaroo House Restaurant

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  • Sustainability is the main ingredient.

    Architects: Collins and Turner

    Supplier: Britton Timbers

    Cladding: Accoya® wood

    Surface treatment

    Japanese charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban.

    WOCA Exterior Oil, Anthracite

Barangaroo House, a three-story restaurant in Sydney, Australia, is one of the first projects to use sustainable Accoya wood cladding that is charred using the Japanese technique, Shou Sugi Ban, and treated with WOCA Exterior Oil in Anthracite.

Aiming to be the world's first carbon-neutral precinct, the 22-hectare harborside site is dedicated to creating zero waste emissions, conserving water, and enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

A layer of WOCA Exterior Oil coating in Anthracite from WOCA Denmark was applied to the project to enhance its design and durability. Due to the superior dimensional stability of Accoya, this coating will last twice as long as typical timbers and will require minimal maintenance.

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Exterior Oil in Anthracite

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