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Photos by Chris Ball
Craftsmanship by WOCA Hawaii

Teak furniture restoration

Slide the center arrow to see the transformation of Teak lounge chairs: weathered by the sun to extraordinary! Exterior Cleaner and Exterior Oil in Teak brought it back to life!

Teak furniture restoration Teak furniture restoration

A tropical paradise with warm temperatures year-round and high humidity, outdoor wood is put through extremes when the 6 month dry season shifts to a 6 month rainy season.

Ipe Deck finished in WOCA Exterior Oil Teak

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  • Left photo- Ipe Pergola and gate finished with WOCA Exterior Oil in Teak. 

    Right photo- The original green paint on the doors was partially sanded off and finished with WOCA Exterior in Natural

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WOCA Denmark products perform well in Hawaii due to their premium ingredients and formulations that are designed to protect wood from the harsh effects of humidity and UV light.

Cedar garage door finished with WOCA Exterior Teak

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  • Protecting natural resources is important to us as a wood care manufacturer.

    We are proud to make products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

    WOCA Hawaii has completed and maintains countless projects all over the Hawaiian Islands.

    Ipe deck finished with WOCA Exterior Oil Natural

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