Natural Soap 2.5 liter

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Cleaning and protection of oiled wood

  • Nourishing effect
  • For the basic treatment of softwood
  • Ideal for floors, furniture, table tops and panels
  • For regularly cleaning
  • For the basic treatment of softwood

Clean and protect wood surfaces naturally with WOCA Natural Soap. This mild, non-toxic soap is specially formulated to condition and remove dirt while protecting wood surfaces from splitting and drying out. Plus, it leaves behind a protective layer of plant fat that maximizes resistance and makes future cleaning simpler. The ideal way to clean and maintain natural, hardwax, UV oiled and soaped wood. Enjoy a beautiful, clean look with Natural Soap - gentle and effective, with no perfumes or additives.

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    Declaration:15-30% soap – coconut and soya fats, pigments.

    pH-value: pH 9-10

    Shelf life: 3 years

    Coverage: 3,450-4,300 sq.ft./L

    Colors: Natural, White

    Cleaning of tools: Use water

    Storage: +50-77°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.

    Packaging: 1 liter, 2.5 liter

    Dilution: Water

    Odor: Faint

    Mixing ratio:3 ounces to 1 gallon of water

    Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

    1. Natural Soap is shaken  before use. Make sure the pigments are mixed well.
    2. Mix 3 ounces of Natural Soap with 1 gallon warm water.
    3. Damp mop surface.
    Technical Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet

    DIBt is a German institute that tests and issues technical approvals for building materials. The goal is to improve the working environment for floor installers while ensuring a safe indoor air quality for the final consumer.


    Danish Indoor Climate Label is a voluntary labeling system for products and materials which can document the effect of off gassing. Indoor climate labeled materials are a natural component in sustainable construction, where a good indoor air quality contributes to social sustainability..

    The migration of metals (As, Hg, Se, Cr, Sb, Cd, Pb, Ba) of the sample was tested according EN 71 Part 3 1995. There was no evidence for migration of the named metals above the limit of detection (10-50 ppm). All interior WOCA products are suitable for toys.

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