Swep Mop, Red

Swep Mop, Red

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  • Creates a more durable surface
  • Can be used with any WOCA oil
  • Makes wood surface silky smooth

WOCA Patina Discs are for wet polishing of oil into wood surface. The Patina Disc polishes the oil deeper into the wood and improves the surface’s chemical resistance, making the surface more resistant to water and stains. Designed to be used on in the last coat of oil.

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    The surface should be cleaned with WOCA Exterior Multi Cleaner and left to dry for approx. 2 hours before treating. Shake Exterior Multi Protector well before use.

    Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

    1.  Spray a thin layer of Exterior Multi Protector over the entire surface and leave to stand
    2.  Carefully wipe off the surface using a lint-free cotton cloth, to remove any excess liquid.
    3.  Leave the surface to dry for 4-5 hours at 68°F before use.

    Exterior Multi Protector will be fully hardened after 24-48 hours.

    Using the WOCA Exterior Multi 2 product system for outdoor furniture protects your investment and can lengthen the life or your outdoor furniture.

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